March 6, 2008

Who's Your Daddy?

For those of you reading this who might be interested in adopting one of these little guys, please know that the following is not intended to guarantee anything. If I've learned anything about mutts through the years, it's that you can never be 100% certain what you're getting.

But at their vet visit the other day, the veterinarian ventured a guess as to what the father might be for these little ones. Her personal thought was that there might have been two dads (yes, it is indeed possible and yes, it does make Penny sound like a tart). Her guess was that some might be Cocker Spaniel mixes and some might have Jack Russell running through their veins.

But the only way you can ever know for sure what you're getting with a mutt is to purchase one of these unbelievable new DNA test kits. You can purchase them through Orvis (or a variety of other doggie stores online). The basic idea is that you rub the inside of your dog's mouth with the swab provided and then package it up and send it off to a lab. In about 6 weeks, you get a report back that tells you the different breeds that make up your beloved mutt.

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