March 3, 2008

They're Here!

So Penny surprised me on Friday morning... with puppies! I had no idea to expect them so soon. The vet had told me it would probably be mid-week THIS week, not last. She went into labor around 4:00 am, and then had her last puppy around 11:00 am.

She had a litter of EIGHT puppies - five girls and three boys. They're all super cute and no one looks exactly alike.

We had a scary moment with the first puppy... I was asleep and heard Penny moaning from the back corner of my closet Friday morning. I jumped up and called her, and she came tumbling out - perhaps from excitement or perhaps from nervousness. I took her out into the backyard so she could do her business before we came back and started having those puppies... We were out there for a couple of minutes, came back in, and there was a puppy on the floor of my bedroom! I guess during the excitement of everyone running out the door in the dark neither she nor I realized that a puppy had popped out. How crazy, right? Luckily, the poor little thing turned out to be ok.

So, here they are... the fantastic eight, in order of appearance :)









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