March 20, 2008

Please Adopt Penny!

Penny was rescued from Greenville County Animal Services 2 days before she was scheduled to be put to sleep. At that time, she was VERY pregnant and has since given birth to her seven beautiful puppies. Of course, everyone wants the puppies, but no one wants little Penny. Penny is a sweet, gentle dog about 2 years old who loves to play in the backyard with the other dogs. She’s had a rough time so far, but has bonded quickly with me and just loves to follow me around the house when she’s not watching over her puppies. She is housetrained and although she’s not currently crated due to the puppies, she would crate very well because her favorite spot is a small closet where she can curl up in the dark. She is fine with my cat, and absolutely loves the other dogs.

No one is quite sure what breeds make up this sweet girl – in fact, our best guess is a cross between a mouse and a giraffe... but she’s most likely some kind of Hound/Australian Cattle Dog mix. She’s a little shy at first (wouldn’t you be too if you’d been through everything she has?), but warms up quickly and is a very loving dog.

She’ll be ready to go to a new home at the beginning of May once her puppies are old enough to leave her, and will be up-to-date on shots and spayed prior to adoption. Please consider giving this little mom a good home.

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