March 28, 2008

Puppy Personal Ads

The puppies are four weeks old today (we're halfway home - woohoo!), and everyone is doing great. They're eating puppy food (which I must mix with water to make it mushy), walking well, playing like crazy and generally acting like little goofy puppies.

And even though they must still stay with me for another month, FIVE of them already have homes waiting on them. So now the goal is to place the other three girls and Mama Penny.

You can read all about Penny in one of the posts below. For the other three, they asked me to post their personal ads that they wrote about themselves. So here they are:


Single, black, white and tan female looking for companionship... Supposedly I'm the runt of the litter (ok, in all honesty, I'm MUCH smaller than everyone else), but don't let that fool you. I have just as much personality as any of the others. I love to eat, go for long walks and watch America's Next Top Model. I kind of look a little like a beagle, but since my dad's a deadbeat, there's really no way to tell exactly what my pedigree might be. I'm fearless and scrappy and ready to take on whatever gets thrown at me. Please consider bringing me home with you!


Hi! I'm Petunia, but you can call me Petey if you'd like. I am the girly-girl of the bunch. When everyone else is diving and swimming through their food, I am delicately and neatly munching away... I also love bubble baths and pearls, and I can't WAIT for the new Sex and the City movie - Charlotte is my favorite! Oh, and my foster mom told me to make sure and mention this: Apparently I can't hear very well (or at all, actually). It's no big deal to me at all, but just thought everyone should know. My foster mom says that it's no big deal either - in fact, because dogs learn visual cues easier than audible cues, deaf dogs learn their commands very easily. So I'd still make a great little dog! But mom says that she'll only let me go to someone who is dog-experienced and understands how important it will be to train me with sign language. Please take me into your heart and home...


Gosh, Petey - pearls? And bubble baths?? Oh, um, sorry - Hi... I'm Hazel, and I am NOT the girly-girl of the bunch. I'm more of a hiking in the woods, going for a run, taking in a baseball game kind of girl. And, oh gosh, I'm so embarrassed about this, but my foster mom is making me tell you this... she says I'm one of the smartest in the litter. Man! That is so embarrassing! I mean, it is true that I was the first to figure out how to escape our pen. And I was also one of the first to start walking, but I just don't like bragging about myself, ya know? So if you're looking for a sporty, fun, no-nonsense kind of dog then I'm your girl!

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