May 28, 2009

tag humor


I should be handing these out in my house to certain canines who shall remain nameless.

You know who you are...

And for those of you who AREN'T into shaming your dogs with their neckwear, there are other cute options as well.


Just had to show off these two cuties... Amos and Allie are both rescues of mine that now live with their parents Kati and Matt here in Columbia. Amos is SO TALL (you can't really get a sense of his looong legs in this picture)... he's such a sweet boy. And Allie is quite the social butterfly. And now it looks like the two of them have turned out to be best friends!

May 26, 2009

fiona update

Hi everyone... just wanted to let you know that Fiona was adopted this weekend! Yay! Of course, I've shed some tears and miss her terribly, but she has gone to live with a wonderful new family. She looks quite happy with her new big brother Spike, doesn't she?

sums things up...

May 20, 2009

katie's bumpers

If you've got a water dog at home, you need to check out Katie's Bumpers. My Labrador Sully loved his Heave Hose Float 'n Fetch bumper. I mean, he'd fetch anything (and I mean ANYTHING) you could throw in the water, but he definitely preferred his bright red bumper.

And although I no longer have a professional fetcher and swimmer in the house, I HAVE acquired a professional tug-of-war athlete. Nothing makes Quincy as happy as a good tug game. And because he is so strong, we can only play with the most durable tug toys. And I have been very pleased with the durability of the Sqwuggie. It's lasted us much longer than his typical tug toy victims, and it comes equipped with a well-sewn, comfortable handle. The Sqwuggie can also be used in the water... it floats and dries easily.

May 19, 2009

victory is ours

Coming to a hospital or nursing home near you... Quincy the Beast :)

Yeah, he nailed it. I was a complete spaz as predicted, but he just ignored me and did his thing.

How do you like his "I just caught a whiff of something intriguing but Mom asked me to sit so I better keep my butt on the ground" pose? Look at that neck! Wouldn't Tyra be proud?

May 15, 2009

wish us luck...

This goofball and I are making our first attempt at the Delta Society Pet Partner Team Evaluation this weekend. While I am confident that we are CAPABLE of passing, I am not as confident in the fact that we WILL pass. Quincy is... enthusiastic. Especially upon meeting new people and going new places. And I tend to turn into a spaz when I'm nervous. So between the two of us, well... you get the picture.

So wish us luck, and I'll let everyone know how it went on Monday!

May 14, 2009

still looking

Hiya! Fiona here... just checking in with everyone. I'm still searching for a new home - I'm getting a little worried because my foster mom is getting rather attached and I KNOW she can't keep another dog... no matter what she tells herself!

I made my first visit to a doggie bakery last weekend... a doggie bakery! Who knew? It was super-duper-fantabulous. I got to meet some new people and dogs, and my foster mom bought me some yummy peanut butter cups covered in carob.

So if there's anyone out there who might be interested just give me a shout... anyone? Maybe? Hello?? I mean, come on people - I'm giving you my best "Please Adopt Me" face!

May 13, 2009

cutie pie

Amy sent me this adorable photo of her furbaby, Millie, the other day. She looks so cute modeling her Pecan Pie Puppies collar! Although I don't know who would ever notice the collar when Millie is so precious! Thanks, Amy!

clicker training can be fun

Check out Chaos, winner of the 2009 Canis Film Festival. I've never used clicker training, but it's something that has piqued my interest lately. Clicker training can be used for all kinds of very practical things, but it's really cool to watch it being used for something just for fun. The video takes you through a condensed version of the entire training process so make sure to watch all the way to the end.

May 11, 2009

puppy planter

Picture this guy all planted up with some petunias... I think I might have to find a spot for him in my yard.

May 6, 2009

an open letter to my dogs

Dearest four-legged children,

No doubt you have noticed my recent hard work as I have toiled away in the backyard planting lots of lovely new green things around the patio area. The backyard, up until this point, has been entirely your domain. But recently, I decided to reclaim a small portion for myself.

I simply ask that you do not run through, tromp upon or dig up all of the lovely hydrangeas, hostas and foxglove I have so painstakingly planted. I have taken extra precautions to keep you away from these lovely new plants, so as long as you do not go out of your way to destroy them, everything should be just fine.

You all have complete control over 95% of my rather large backyard. There should be no need for you to stake your claim on the remaining bit I have tried to keep for myself.

I do not have high expectations... In fact, I expect that only a small percentage of plants will survive the month of May. But please take pity on me and allow them to live.

Your humble servant,

Penny after her mud bath (aka her attempt to dig up my more mature hydrangeas last summer...)

patricia mcconnell

This is all I'm going to say: READ HER BOOKS. NOW. Trust me on this... you will not regret it. The two I really like are The Other End of the Leash and For the Love of a Dog. And her blog.

If you love your dog and really want to know more about how he or she thinks and feels, check out Dr. McConnell.

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