May 19, 2009

victory is ours

Coming to a hospital or nursing home near you... Quincy the Beast :)

Yeah, he nailed it. I was a complete spaz as predicted, but he just ignored me and did his thing.

How do you like his "I just caught a whiff of something intriguing but Mom asked me to sit so I better keep my butt on the ground" pose? Look at that neck! Wouldn't Tyra be proud?


Evelyn & Floyd said...

that is such a diva pose. He's hilarious.

The Tompkinses said...

Yea! Congrats! He's smiling with his eyes for sure. What good bone structure he has. He's America's Next Top Dog.

~Kristen~ said...

what a handsome boy!

congratulations for passing with flying colors! :)

Passion4Fashion said...

What kind of dog is Quincy? I think I have a crush on that dog! I have a black lab right now.