May 26, 2009

fiona update

Hi everyone... just wanted to let you know that Fiona was adopted this weekend! Yay! Of course, I've shed some tears and miss her terribly, but she has gone to live with a wonderful new family. She looks quite happy with her new big brother Spike, doesn't she?

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Melody said...

Just wanted to let you know that Fiona is doing wonderfully. She's the most popular doggie in town! She's been to several cookouts and all the family and friends are absolutely gaga about her. She has her own personal air mattress that she loves to float around on in the pool with us. And she has a new little pomeranian boyfriend named Gizmo. It's my sister-in-law's dog and I think they're in loooove. Thanks again for saving her - she has brought so much joy into our lives already, and Spikey's too. He's like a new younger dog again!