June 30, 2010

new and improved

Hi to... well, probably no one at this point. It's been almost exactly three months since I've even logged into this thing. To be honest, I was trying to decide whether to continue my foray into the blogging world... I just wasn't sure that what I was offering up to the world wide web was worthy of you guys reading it.

But lately, I find myself thinking... "Oh, man - I should totally share that on the blog."

So I've decided to take another run at this. And I promise I'm going to make it worth your while. I'm going to be adding giveaways, recipes (tested in the Pecan Pie Puppies kitchen and reviewed by my very own discerning 4-legged tasters), product reviews and more. Of course, I'll still provide you with the crazy stories that only my dogs and I can give you. There's never any shortage of those.