April 30, 2009

the lab

So I've discovered another fun shop on Etsy! No... I don't spend all day browsing - although I'm 100% convinced that there's enough cool stuff on there that I could. Every day.

The Lab carries different products all featuring... what else? Labs! I have a serious crush on all the adorable baby bibs (my expecting friends - be warned... you shall be receiving these as gifts).

And their Pup Cups are cute-and-a-half. I would have already ordered one if I could just decide which one is my favorite.

They also carry hand towels and assorted other items. I'll be ordering from them asap!

April 29, 2009

i wanna be a supermodel

You know how some dogs just have that certain something that makes them photogenic? My Labrador Sullivan had it... I don't think he could take a bad picture. Well, my man Quincy seems to have it as well. Not only does he have beautiful coloring and remarkable eyes, but he also seems to understand exactly what the camera is for... These are just a few shots I took of him in the backyard last night. What a ham!

all better...

From Fiona: Hi everyone! I'd just like to take a moment to thank everyone for worrying about me and helping my mom raise money for my care. I'm feeling so much better, thank you!

I am doing so well that my foster mom says I should be ready to go to my new home in a week or so. I really like it here, but there ARE a lot of dogs around. So I think perhaps it would be best if I found a new place to stay.

So let me tell y'all a little more about myself. I am a three year old pit mix, and I'm pretty small. I weigh in around 37 pounds, but I look much smaller than that because I'm a solid girl. I get along great with other dogs, and I find the resident cat to be absolutely fascinating! I would never chase her or hurt her, but there's just something about her...

My foster mom's nickname for me is "chocolate-covered peanut." I'm not sure why she calls me that, but she says it has something to do with my beautiful coloring. I don't know much about that - I'd just say I'm brown - but she seems to think it's something special.

I also LOVE people! I have never met a stranger, and it makes me so happy to sit as close as possible to my loved ones. I don't bark either (at least I haven't since I've been in my foster home), so if you're looking for a guard dog, well... you'd better keep looking! I'm also very easy-going... nothing ruffles my feathers, I don't mind sharing my toys or food, and I enjoy snuggling with the other pups in the house. And I love riding around town with my foster mom!

My foster mom has introduced me to this thing called a "crate." At first I wasn't very enthusiastic about it (although I never complained), but I've learned that I get a cookie every time I go in there! So now I race to my crate and jump right in whenever I'm asked. I'm also working really hard on learning new words. So far I've learned "crate," "sit," and "down." And now we're working on "leave it," and "settle," but I still haven't quite learned those yet.

My foster mom also says she's very impressed with my housetraining as well. I had never lived in a house before, but I figured out real quick that all my pottying had to be done outside. In fact, I've never once had an accident inside!

Well, I've gone on and on about myself, so I think I'll turn this blog thing back over to my foster mom now!

Fiona is, without a doubt, one of the best dogs I've ever rescued. She is incredibly sweet, well-behaved, and she's past that crazy puppy stage. She's even cuter in person than she is in her photos - the camera comes out and her cute little ears go back! She's picking up on good manners very quickly, and she would make a fantastic dog for someone. She's up to date on all shots, spayed and microchipped.

Please consider opening your heart and home to her. I promise she'll fill them both with lots of love. If you're interested, email me here. If you're not able to adopt at this time, please take a moment to pass along her story and picture.

April 23, 2009


Meet Henry! He's a distinguished older gentleman that loves belly rubs, rolling around in the sunshine and snoozing on the sofa. He's approximately seven years old and is 100% pure MUTT.

And although he might be older, he's definitely not applying for a senior citizen discount yet. He loves to run and play with my other dogs in the yard. He also is quite a well-behaved houseguest - he's had no accidents in the house, he's not a barker and I'm able to leave him out in the house while I'm gone... he just spends his time snoozing! He truly is the lowest maintenance dog I've ever had, and while he doesn't make any demands on me, his day is made if I spend quality time chilling in the sunshine or snuggling on the sofa with him.

Henry is currently low heartworm positive... so we'll need to work on his treatment before he's ready to go to his forever home. But if anyone out there is willing to open their heart and home to this fellow, I can promise he'll fill them both with lots of love. If you're interested, please email me.

April 22, 2009

bow ties for the boys!

Just had to show this off because I was so happy with how it turned out! I had a customer that requested a seersucker bow tie collar, and although I had never made one before, I decided to give it a try. I'm so excited about it that I think I'm going to start selling them in my online shop sometime soon.

fiona update

A very big THANK YOU to all of you that have been so generous toward sweet little Fiona! I wanted to provide an update for everyone... She had surgery Monday afternoon and it went VERY well. It turned out to be a best case scenario once the vet had a chance to see what was going on internally. She is already back home and recuperating nicely. Even though she's still in some pain from the surgery, I can tell she feels SO much better.

I truly appreciate all of you dog lovers out there who donated to help save Fiona's life. I promise you that she's very grateful as well!

April 20, 2009

please help fiona!

I'd like to introduce everyone to fun little Fiona! She's the most beautiful little dog... chocolate with eyes the color of butterscotch. She has the SWEETEST personality. I pulled her from Greenville County Animal Care Services where she was literally about 30 minutes from being euthanized and brought her home to Pecan Pie Puppies headquarters this past Thursday.

Last night, Fiona suddenly became quite sick - vomiting, lethargic, wouldn't eat or drink. At the vet this morning, my wonderful vet discovered an internal mass in her abdomen area. Her initial diagnosis is that something has gone wrong with Fiona's spay procedure, and that has caused internal infection and swelling. Fiona is headed into surgery now where Dr. Warren will be able to more accurately assess the situation. Unfortunately, this operation and the follow up care will be rather expensive, and so I'm searching for funds to help make little Fiona all better.

If you'd be willing to help Fiona, please click the "Donate" button below. No donation amount is too small and every dollar will be greatly appreciated. We'd also appreciate anyone taking the time to forward this on to everyone they know. She's a FANTASTIC little dog, and I hope to save her!

April 17, 2009

etsy feature: cuore

Send some puppy love to your favorite lady this Mother's Day (Note to self: May 10th). I'm sure these two different card sets from Cuore would be greatly appreciated by most moms out there. How cute is Yang the Dachshund up there?

April 16, 2009

new foster pups

I'd like to introduce you all to my newest foster dogs... These two will be coming home with me this afternoon. The only pictures I have at this point are their shelter mugshots and they're terrible, but I'll get some better photographs this evening. The cutie pie on the left is a young female and the sweet thing on the right is a six year old male. I'm not even telling you their shelter names because they're... not good. They'll receive new names from me...

I'll have lots more info and pictures tomorrow so be sure to check back!

April 14, 2009

puppies, puppies, puppies

I'm trying to help a friend of a friend that has rescued this little four-legged family... they need to find homes for these little furballs and their mother. The mom is a very pretty husky/shepherd mix with a great temperament... dad's whereabouts are currently unknown. These guys were born March 1st and are currently six weeks old. There are two males and two females. If you're interested in adopting one of these sweethearts, please email me. And as always, even if you can't adopt right now, take the time to send out an email or post on your blog about them. Thanks!

etsy pets round-up

A big THANK YOU to Jennifer over at simply designed & etsy finds for featuring my collars recently! She has a fantastic blog and pulled together a really great sampling of the many wonderful handmade pet products you can find at Etsy. I'm so pleased that she included my orange zinnia collar and blue forget-me-not collar in the round-up.

To see the full post and the list of Etsy sellers featured, visit Jennifer's blog. Thanks again, Jennifer!

brown dog boutique

I want to introduce you guys to Brown Dog Boutique - a great Etsy store that sells adorable dog-related stationery and paper. I just recently purchased some of her stationery in a deep blue with a Labrador Retriever on the cards. When the cards arrived last week, I was so excited! Great quality, great colors to choose from, great silhouettes... I know I'll be ordering more.

And if anyone out there is looking for a good birthday gift for me come July, feel free to get me these recipe cards. If there's anything I love almost as much as dogs, it's cooking and baking. So I'm pretty sure I'm meant to have these.

Make Your Own Dog Treats kits are also available at Brown Dog Boutique. Each kit contains a recipe card, your choice of yogurt or peanut butter chips (for melting), one cookie cutter (your choice of small or large) and 3 custom treat bags (with stickers featuring the dog silhouette and personalization of your choice).

You can choose from her silhouettes below or if you don't see your dog depicted, email her and she'll try to create something custom for you. And make sure to check out her blog too!

April 7, 2009

meet violet!

UPDATE, 4.14.09 - Miss Violet has found her forever home! She'll be leaving this evening and traveling to her new home about one mile away :) I'm so grateful to her new family for giving this sweet girl a second chance.
Violet is the new foster dog around these parts! I pulled her from Greenville County Animal Care Services where she was well past her euthanization date. She's approximately one year old and is a boxer/American bulldog/something smaller kind of mix (best guess). She weighs in at 38 lbs. and is ADORABLE.

She's great with other dogs, cats, people and children. She loves to play fetch, and she's remarkably calm for a young dog. She's also a great snuggler, and would make a good family dog.

She is spayed, fully vetted and has been microchipped. Please crosspost her information or send a link out to all your friends. Anyone who's interested in adopting this sweet girl can email me here. She's a special girl and deserves a special forever home!

new collars

So... I'm back. Please forgive my absence, but during the last couple of weeks, I didn't have much to say and my heart wasn't in it. But life must go on, right?

So here I am... with a new batch of collars to show you. My favorite is the one above - a big peony the color of cantaloupe! It's such a pretty color - and the peach flower with the turquoise seersucker is one of my favorite color combinations.

All the new collars can be seen in my store. Stay tuned for some more fun news to come later today!