April 23, 2009


Meet Henry! He's a distinguished older gentleman that loves belly rubs, rolling around in the sunshine and snoozing on the sofa. He's approximately seven years old and is 100% pure MUTT.

And although he might be older, he's definitely not applying for a senior citizen discount yet. He loves to run and play with my other dogs in the yard. He also is quite a well-behaved houseguest - he's had no accidents in the house, he's not a barker and I'm able to leave him out in the house while I'm gone... he just spends his time snoozing! He truly is the lowest maintenance dog I've ever had, and while he doesn't make any demands on me, his day is made if I spend quality time chilling in the sunshine or snuggling on the sofa with him.

Henry is currently low heartworm positive... so we'll need to work on his treatment before he's ready to go to his forever home. But if anyone out there is willing to open their heart and home to this fellow, I can promise he'll fill them both with lots of love. If you're interested, please email me.

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Evelyn & Floyd said...

ahh - low maintenence dog. JUST MY STYLE. the most maintenence i've had outta JH, III was last night: he had diarhhea for maybe the first time in his 2 1/2 years in our home. Poor big ol' boy.