May 20, 2009

katie's bumpers

If you've got a water dog at home, you need to check out Katie's Bumpers. My Labrador Sully loved his Heave Hose Float 'n Fetch bumper. I mean, he'd fetch anything (and I mean ANYTHING) you could throw in the water, but he definitely preferred his bright red bumper.

And although I no longer have a professional fetcher and swimmer in the house, I HAVE acquired a professional tug-of-war athlete. Nothing makes Quincy as happy as a good tug game. And because he is so strong, we can only play with the most durable tug toys. And I have been very pleased with the durability of the Sqwuggie. It's lasted us much longer than his typical tug toy victims, and it comes equipped with a well-sewn, comfortable handle. The Sqwuggie can also be used in the water... it floats and dries easily.

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