March 6, 2008

Sad News

Sorry for the lack of posts lately... it's been a rough few days. Little baby Huck passed away on Tuesday this week. The vet says it's very common to lose a puppy in a litter this large, but that certainly doesn't make it any easier. So I've done a little crying this week. They've only been here a few days, but it still seems strange to look in on them and see only seven. How does losing something you've had only four days break your heart?

They all had their first check-up yesterday... Tillman hadn't been doing very well either. The vet said that he was extremely dehydrated. I've been incredibly worried about him because he wasn't nursing very well. I've been feeding him by hand with puppy formula and Pedialyte. As of this morning, I think we've turned a corner. He seems much better and is nursing with the rest of the pups. Hopefully he'll continue to improve.

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