March 3, 2008

New Life, New Name

I picked up the little mom-to-be on Thursday afternoon from the Greenville County Animal Services. She was so scared that she refused to walk so someone who works at the shelter had to help me carry her to the car.

She arrived at my house safe and sound that night and was introduced to the whole gang. She seems to get along fine with the other dogs. And of course, they don't mind her - they're so used to me dragging different dogs through there that they hardly bat an eye.

My friend Kati came over to meet her, and while we were talking, we decided that she didn't really look like an "Ellie." So we took inspiration from the copper dot on the top of her head and renamed her "Penny." She didn't respond to Ellie at all anyway (they had given her that name only three days ago at the shelter) so it shouldn't be a problem for her.

So now we wait... the vet who saw her Thursday afternoon predicted that we'd have puppies before the week was out!

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