March 13, 2008

Lovable Lulu

Lulu was the first-born and she happens to be my favorite. She is so pretty (the camera doesn't do her justice) and has the sweetest, most laid-back temperament. She's the largest puppy in the bunch, but still hasn't opened her eyes or started walking.

In case you're wondering about the tape on her back legs... here's the story. Lulu was born with a slight hump in her back. At about 4 days old, the veterinarian took x-rays of her and discovered that she has two malformed vertebrae. She determined that at this point, Lulu is perfectly sound and the vertebrae are NOT affecting her mobility or spinal cord. Another great thing is that as she's grown, the hump has gotten smaller so that it is now barely noticeable. But as she's gotten older, it seems that her legs are a little weaker than the other pup's. The tape is an attempt to "hobble" her back legs so that they get strong enough to push her up so that she can walk.

I'll keep everyone posted on her progress, but if we can get her up and walking, she should be able to lead a perfectly normal doggie life!

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