November 18, 2008

whine or wine? why not have both!

I came across a wine company today called Cru Vin Dogs. And since I like wine A LOT and love dogs, I knew I had to feature them here. Because not only do they combine two of my favorite things, they are also a socially-conscious company that donates a part of their proceeds to animal charities. The best part is that one of their chosen charities is the Morris Animal Foundation's Cure Canine Cancer Campaign - an organization that matters a lot more to me now than it did a month ago.

Read what they have to say about themselves below... I love it:

Vin Dogs isn’t your ordinary wine company. We exist to combine our passions—friendship, wine, art, and our love of dogs and worthy causes—into a wine brand with a purpose. Wine that gives back. Wine that makes a difference.

Our partnership brings together a unique combination of very dedicated people with a keen set of values and a wealth of wine experience, all linked by a strong bond of friendship.

First and foremost, we are dedicated to producing premium wines of exceptional quality from outstanding vineyards throughout the world. Bringing these wines directly to you allows us to offer these wines at approachable price points so that more people can enjoy the fruits of our labor.

We also embrace the concept of a business social conscience. To that end, we are committed to donating a portion of our profits to charity. Because of our lifelong love of our canine friends, we support worthy causes that involve dogs. In addition to monetary support, we hope to raise public awareness and understanding of the causes these wines support, perhaps encouraging more people to become involved in their efforts.

Finally, we celebrate our appreciation for art and its role in our lives. Our labels feature original, limited-edition illustrations by artist Jay P. Snellgrove. Each honors a real dog that has a special story–a reminder of how empty this world would be without the unconditional love and devotion of “man’s best friend.”

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Ivy :: Fusionbox said...

Hey, thanks for covering this. The Morris Animal Foundation does really progressive work researching cures for canine cancer.