November 10, 2008

how to take puppy pictures...

I decided that with the pretty weather we had this weekend it would be a great opportunity to take a picture of all five dogs for this year's Christmas card. I had never attempted to get a good, posed photo of the five yet, so I wasn't sure how difficult it would be.

Well, now I know. The best advice I can give on how to take a photo of that many dogs? Have a stiff drink beforehand... and then have another. And then be prepared to be patient. Below I've posted just a small sampling of the various photos I took. And the real kicker? I realize now after all is said and done that the lighting was horrible and none of them are really useable. I'm going to have to do this all over again!

Me: Ok, first try guys... Penny - what's your deal? Look at me, please. Look at MEEEEEEEE.... Oliver - hey! (insert waving of hands to catch deaf dog's attention)... Look at MOM! (think to one's self - this isn't going to be fun)

Me to my mom (who was my assistant for the photo shoot): Mom, don't wave the hot dog way over there!! There not looking at the camera!... Penny Sue! The camera is over HERE! Why are you looking at the street?? Oliver Dawkins... don't you give me that look - I don't care HOW you feel about all this.

Umm, Mona... wake up. I realize this isn't the most exciting thing you've ever done, but your cooperation would be greatly appreciated.

Oh, this is GREAT! Everyone looks so nice! Except... you're not looking... at the camera. MOM! WAVE THE HOTDOG OVER HERE!!!!

Ok... ok! Quincy - check. Mona Mae - check. Sully - looking a little sleepy, but... check. Oliver - probably as good as it's going to get... check. Penny - wait, Penny! Stop looking at the wasp! Ohhhh, so close!

I think Sullivan and Mona Mae have given up... guys, please wake up! Ok, now I give up. We're done. I need a drink.