November 19, 2008

custom dog ornaments

For those of you out there that are purebred dog devotees, this probably won't be such an exciting post. But if you're like me and have four out of five dogs that are mish-mashes of various different breeds of undeterminable natures, then I think I'm about to rock your world.

Every year, I pass by cute Christmas stores and stands that have adorable dog breed ornaments - none of which look like my dogs. And I sigh and move on wistfully - wishing I could find fun ornaments that accurately depict my pooches.

But I no longer have to worry after finding Clay Greys. She creates custom ornaments by using pictures of your own pets! So now you can have ornaments that look EXACTLY like your own dog or cat... she'll even incorporate favorite toys, clothing, etc. into the ornament. And these little guys are so cute I can't even stand it. So check out all her offerings and be able to hang your mini-mutt on your tree this year!

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Anne said...

STOP IT! These are way too cute...