November 6, 2008


My original three dogs - Sullivan, Oliver and Mona Mae - do not require crates, and for this I am very grateful. I mean, could crates be any uglier? They're big, metal monstrocities that take up valuable space, and they're just plain ugly as well. And even those canvas crate covers you find at Petsmart aren't much better.

Unfortunately, the most recent additions to my household, Penny and Quincy, both require crates. They're young and mischievous, and I'm fairly certain that if I didn't crate them, I'd come home to find a pile of rubble where my house once stood. So I live with TWO big, ugly crates in my office and regularly curse their existence.

But I think I've at least solved the "ugly" part of my problem with these new super-cute crate covers from MuttHuttz. Betsy from Atlanta (yay, Southern girl!) handcrafts these covers out of stylish fabrics and trims, and even lines them with soft fleece. I can't wait to get my hands on a couple of these to cover up my hideous, big, black beasts. She also does custom work, so even if your crate is an odd size, she can create something that's a perfect fit. Check out her store here.

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