November 17, 2008

barney bites back

Did anyone see this video of Barney the First Dog biting an NBC reporter? While I commend the reporter, John Decker, for asking to pet him before doing so, I must come to Barney's defense. The reporter came in very fast over Barney's head to pet him (something considered very rude in dog language) and he also had a microphone and lots of other things in his hands (which I'm sure seemed very threatening to Barney). Perhaps Barney Bush thought his pops had been treated unfairly by the media and wanted to get in a parting shot. Anyway, see the video below or click here to read the article.

1 comment:

Pets Jubilee said...

I completely agree! That's exactly what I said to my husband when we saw the report on the news. Poor dog! The today show did reprimand the reporter, however, for petting him the way he did.

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