July 21, 2010


Hi guys... just wanted to explain my recent absence. I was involved in a pretty bad car wreck early last week. I totaled my car, was banged up pretty good, and dislocated and broke some bones in my right foot.

I'm doing ok... and luckily I have a wonderful mom who has practically moved in with me to take care of me and all my puppies. I also have fantastic friends that are dog-sitting for a few of my babies as well.

I'm very lucky that I wasn't more seriously hurt considering the severity of the wreck, and I'm incredibly grateful that I didn't have any of the dogs with me. I know without a doubt that they would have most likely been killed if they had been in the car.

This has brought home to me that they need to be as secure as possible when I have them with me in the car, and making sure they're safe is my number one priority as I choose my new car. I'll keep you all posted as I research dog-friendly vehicles in the next couple of weeks. Thanks guys!


Anonymous said...

May the Lord's healing hand rest over you!
Get Better soon!!!

Two Pitties in the City said...

Wow, that sounds terrible. I'm glad to hear you are doing well; I'm also glad to hear none of the dogs were in the car with you. Living with so many crazy Chicago drivers, we're always paranoid about what might happen. We have a dog seatbelt system, though I'm interested to hear your thoughts. I hope you're feeling better.

Joan said...

Was worried about you when you didn't post again....sorry about your accident, but glad you will be o.k. Get well soon!!