July 12, 2010

the skinny

So since I've been away so long, I thought I'd fill everyone in on the pups' current activities... we've been busy.

Mona Mae is currently in Rally training. If you don't know what Rally is, it's basically a course that we go through together where we have to perform different obedience tasks... Not as physical as agility, but fun all the same. We hope to start entering competitions soon! And don't you think she's looks extra cute these days too?

Quincy is still visiting with me as my Delta Society Pet Partner around town. He visits a local assisted living facility, an oncology unit at a local hospital and a VA medical facility. He loves visiting and passing on his doggie love, and I enjoy the fact that we get to change the perception of pit bulls one person at a time.

Oliver is... still Oliver. He's a little kooky, but sweet as can be.

Penny Sue had recently become more and more anxious and nervous. She's always been skittish, but she has gotten worse in recent months. I'm working with my vet on different medication options, and we've been test-driving the Thundershirt. So far, we've had some success with it, but I think it gives even better results with other anxious behaviors (thunder and other sound phobias, etc.) than it does for her general anxiety.

And guess who's still around? Matilda... also known around these parts as "Flapjack." Oh yes, she still lives with me. I haven't been able to find a good home for her yet. But I've been having a blast working on clicker training with her. She has taken to it like a duck to water, and she has learned all kinds of useful and fun things. We've also been working hard on "sitting for petting" because she tends to be rather enthusiastic about greeting new people. She also is a pain to photograph... she either won't sit still or she looks like she does to the left - like she has a stomachache or something. But she's still available for adoption so spread the word!

So that's the skinny on my puppy pack. Well, that... and the fact that they're all shedding like crazy and I feel like I live in a dog fur snowglobe sometimes.


bbes tribe said...

LIked the update & the pics. Sometimes it is hard to find just the right furever homes for our pups, but it can happen. We found that with a couple of our foster pups. We didn't think they would find one BUT it did happen. Wonderful. Good Luck!!!
Ernie,Sasha, & Chica's Mom Barb

Two Pitties in the City said...

Sounds like everyone is busy. I love that Quincy gets to go around as a good pitbull ambassador.