March 13, 2009

trainer extraordinaire

My dogs are awesome. And at least part of their awesomeness is due to the fantastic trainer from whom we've taken classes.

Teoti Anderson is the owner of Pawsitive Results and is a Certified Pet Dog Trainer. AND she's also authored several books on dog training. AND she's the founding member of Prescription Paws (the group Mona Mae and I volunteer with). AND she has a full-time job as well. (You can read all about her here.)

So considering that she's apparently super-human, it's no surprise that she's been featured or included in tons of different magazines and publications. But her most recent claim to fame is a fantastic article in this month's Southern Living.

Pawsitive Results is based in Columbia, SC, so if you're in the area, I highly recommend signing up to take one of her classes. And honestly, if you're within 2 hours drive time of Columbia, I'd sign up too! It's totally worth driving that far... I promise.

Click here to read the Southern Living article "Sit! Stay! Good Dog!" that features Teoti this month.

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