March 13, 2009

shedaway vacuum attachment

I like this... a lot. Almost cheers me up despite the gloomy, 50 degree day we're rockin' here in Columbia (which just seems even worse because of the beautiful weather we had earlier this week... what a tease).

Bissell now makes this handy vacuum attachment that you can use to brush your dog! And it fits most brands as well... so no need to buy a new vacuum. It simply adds a shedding blade attachment to your own vacuum, and all that dog hair you brush off is collected right into the canister. Anything that can help me cut down on the massive amounts of dog hair generated by the five pooches living in my house is just aces.

I will readily admit that there are dogs (one of mine included) that would completely flip their lid if you came near them with a running vacuum. So if your dog is one of those, please don't go buy this. You'll either a) give your dog a heart attack or b) freak it out so much it might bite.

And even if your dog doesn't seem to mind a vacuum cleaner, and you decide to try out this handy new device, I advocate going slow and steady using proper training techniques. I HIGHLY recommend this article from Whole Dog Journal. Non-subscribers will need to buy the article for access, but if you've ever had trouble trimming your dog's nails or other grooming issues, I promise you it is worth every penny.

So has anyone out there tried this yet? I might try to locate it in a store this weekend. And don't worry Mona Mae... I promise I'll keep the big, bad vacuum cleaner far, far away.

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