January 26, 2009

sullivan update

I've had many friends and readers inquire about Sully's health these past few weeks. I thought I would just take a moment to update everyone on how he's doing. For those of you that don't know, Sully was diagnosed with terminal canine melanoma during the first part of November last year (you can read more about here). We've been treating it as aggressively as possible... cutting-edge vaccine treatments from a cancer specialist here in town and alternative therapies and treatments (acupuncture, herbs, etc.) from a holistic vet in the Upstate.

We made it through the holidays with a happy and content Sully dog... something for which I am SO grateful. But all the while, the tumors along his leg (and presumably the ones in his lungs) have continued to grow. The affected lymph node is now HUGE (as you can obviously see from the picture), but sweet Sully continues along with his sweet nature intact, eats well and seems to feel reasonably well.

The last couple of weeks have brought mysterious, sky-high fevers that my vet can't figure out. And the lymph node, which can no longer do its job as well as it should, has made his walking somewhat awkward. He also has some fluid building up behind his skin. And we make almost weekly (and sometimes more) trips to the vet.

We will continue to fight this horrible disease as long as Sully is able. And for right now we have been blessed with a little more time. As long as my gentle boy is content, without pain and his eyes still light up when he sees a tennis ball, I will consider myself lucky. I thank all of you out there who keep him in your thoughts and prayers and for all of your support.

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Chihuahuagirl said...

Ryan, You and Sully remain in our prayers. Poor fella...he is a trooper! I, too am going through medical issues with my two Chihuahua's (Patti- Marie & D'Angelo). Patti was just diagnosed with Cushing's Disease among her other major health issues. D'Angelo has had some really horrible seizures from his epilepsy (we are treated with more medicine). I wanted to mention something that I came across when I adopted out our foster dog, Sydney Lu. The lady who adopted her turned me onto Casey Pets (www.caseypets.com). It is this nutritional Supplement that is supposed to work wonders. Please check out the website for yourself. Look at the testimonials and Nancy Seymour's (founder) story. I spoke with Nancy and just purchased the product in hopes that it will help my sweet fur babies. Good luck with Sully and never give up the fight. I know how much you love him. Take care! ~ Tina Williamson