January 15, 2009

and then there were two... boxers that is

I posted yesterday about the sweet Boxer boy named Anderson that will be accompanying me on a road trip this Sunday as I transport him to his new foster home for Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue. Well, now I've learned I'll have the pleasure of escorting Clifford to a new home as well.

As you can see, Clifford isn't in the best shape. He's suffering from a horrible case of demodectic mange. My last litter of rescued puppies came down with this (it apparently is often a genetic condition), but when treated quickly and properly, it is usually confined to one or two itchy spots that go away. Clifford wasn't lucky enough to receive treatment early, and now the poor baby is practically eaten up with Demodex. The good news is that he has been taken in by Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue and will be receiving care and love from now on. If you'd like to contribute to Clifford's care or help other dogs like him, please click here to donate to Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue.

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