January 16, 2009

help happy!

HAPPY is a beautiful Labrador mix that was picked up by animal control in Darlington, SC. Happy originally showed up in someone's yard with a coated tie-out cable embedded into his neck and was dragging part of the line with him. It was embedded so deep that you could barely see the line and it was pressing on his trachea and affecting his ability to breathe. Animal Control took him to a local shelter and he was then taken to the vet where they said it was the worst embedded collar they had ever seen. They removed the collar and he was then transferred to another doctor in Greenville, SC that will do another surgery Monday. They attempt to rejoin the skin with a drain to see if they can get the skin to grow back together.

Animal control is so outraged by the inhumane treatment he has had to endure, they are taking his picture around door to door until they find the person that did this to him.
I'm asking everyone able to contribute to his care to please do so... you can contribute here to help Happy recover (warning: the link takes you to a page with very graphic photos of Happy's condition).

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