September 22, 2008

the stand-off

The stand-off...

My Labrador Retriever, Sullivan, LOVES to fetch... and more specifically, ADORES tennis balls. It's almost like a compulsion - if there's one available, it's in his mouth. He just can't help himself. He will focus on nothing else except the ball.

Well, up until Quincy arrived, he was the only dog really interested in tennis balls and playing fetch. He had them all to himself.

But it turns out Quincy also has a certain affection for all things round and bouncy. Except his favorite game has become - "Let's go get the ball and then torture my dear friend Sully by running around and not giving it back."

I shot the videos below this weekend in the backyard... check them out below (sorry for the poor video quality and please ignore my lovely redneck accent)

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