September 14, 2008

Dogs on Etsy

Having become a recent seller on the Etsy website, I've learned how important it is to have others promote your work. So I wanted to take a minute to show you all some really great artists who feature dog-centric items in their stores.

Elly Nelly is a store that features ALL KINDS of super cool wall decals. Each decal comes in a variety of colors... how cute is that dog?? I'm currently contemplating where it could go in my house.

Above is a print of a painting at Dog Art Studio. I'm pretty sure most of my readers have learned of the serious soft spot I have for pit bulls by now... so that's why I'm featuring this beautiful print here. But make sure to check out their site because they have tons of breeds to choose from in addition to their custom work.

My Bonnie creates custom pillows that feature your own special four-legged friend. You just send her a photo and she creates these awesome pillows from felt. I like them because they're definitely more stylish than those horrible photoshopped throws that everyone always has done (and you know who you are)...

I really don't think I need to say much about this adorable Halloween greeting card from Blomma. They also have other cards available online featuring adorable Labradors. Plus everything is done in silhouette... which is another weakness of mine.

Last but certainly not least... The Barefoot Mosquito features these super cute dog coasters. And I have to give a shot out to a fellow Southerner on Etsy!

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