September 25, 2008

martha stewart's dog coat

Mad props to my idol Martha Stewart for this idea... seriously, I totally heart her, y'all...

Ok, so on to the actual post. The ONLY dog I've every put in clothing is my smallest dog Mona Mae, and only because she's a girly-girl... and because she asked me to (what? why should she be deprived of an outlet for self-expression??).

Anyway, the only items of clothing I will allow her are 1) coats when it's cold, 2) sweaters... again only when it's cold, and 3) a Halloween costume (because she helps me answer the door!). And I also try to be very frugal and only purchase things that are on sale, or I make them myself.

The whole DIY option brings me to the point of this post... Martha's freakin' awesome pattern for a suede doggie coat. This project is easy enough for even the most non-crafty person. There's no need for a sewing machine... in fact, the only sewing you'll need to do is to attach the buttons.

You might have seen it a while back in Blueprint magazine, but in case you missed it, you can get the instructions right here on Martha's website. It's definitely worth checking it out.

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