October 29, 2010

it's dangerous to be my friend

This is what ends up happening if you're my friend... I convince you to take animals from me, and then you end up with an adorable yet neurotic dog that has the legs of a giraffe, and a terrorist cat that has been (affectionately) dubbed Osama bin Martin.

They look awfully cute here, but this was probably before all heck broke loose and things went downhill. For example, Amos absolutely refuses to eat his dog food out of anything. Seriously. You can't give him his food in a bowl... he's scared of it. He used to just eat his food straight off the floor, but I think they've made progress and he'll now use a paper plate. And Martin the cat? He will climb you... up your leg, he'll take a detour under your arm, scale your neck and then to the top of your head.

But my friends Kati & Matt are animal people and they love their special needs children. Although I am surprised they're speaking to me these days...

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The Whitfields said...

I feel the same way! People always say, "Sarah you're going to need to end up on a farm with all those animals."

That's great that you rescue so many- there are so many out there who need homes!