August 19, 2010

SUV dog crates

I pride myself on knowing most of the handy gadgets and helpful everyday items for dog owners that are out there. (That happens when you have five dogs and your entire life revolves around them.) So how did these extra-narrow, SUV dog crates escape my notice? I had a friend mention them to me recently, and I was like "WHAT?". So I immediately tracked them down.

I'm sort of ashamed to admit that I am REALLY excited about these. But at least I'm among dog lovers here. You can order them at Amazon for only $80 each (that's for the large size) and it easily will fit my largest dog (around 62 lbs). For those of you with really big dogs, never fear. They have an even larger size that is still the same width.

I've also been searching for a new vehicle (since my poor little Escape was sent to car heaven when I had my wreck), and I'm pretty settled on the Chevy Traverse.

It is deceptively roomy... and the available cargo space is considerable - 116.4 cubic feet! And it's pretty too. I will be able to fit FOUR of the SUV crates in the back if I need to (which I do... because I have 100 bajillion dogs). And it gets much better gas mileage than something like a Tahoe or Expedition.

I also considered the Honda Element, and it was a strong contender. But its cargo space - even with the back seats removed - couldn't compare to what the Traverse could offer. So I'm currently on the hunt for a Traverse that has all the features I want. I can't drive right now anyway (lovely cast on my right leg and all), so I have plenty of time to make sure I find exactly what I need.


Karen said...

Thank you for this vital information I did not know about already! Good to know!

aldrin james said...

I was thinking on having that kind of car where I can put a dog crates for my dogs. I have a number of dogs and I always brought them to a park that is why that SUV is perfect for me.