October 16, 2009

this little guy caught my eye...

I spend more time on Petfinder than any sane person should. But as I was looking around yesterday, this little guy jumped out at me. I just love his cute, scruffy face.

His name is Archi and he's available through Golden S Rescue here in South Carolina. They also provide transport, so if you're not from this area but still think Archi would be a great addition to your family, they'll get him to you. You can read more about this little man here.

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Jennifer said...

I just found your etsy shop and saw your blog on there. I blog also and was doing a post about some of my favorite items on etsy for pups! I have been eying your collars for a while! You are so talented! Stop by my blog and see what I wrote about you! Have a great day!