October 22, 2009

hilary swank & home 4 the holidays

I actually managed to get up early enough the other day and have enough time to sit down with a cup of coffee and watch the Today Show before going to work. Hilary Swank was on promoting her new movie Amelia (which, incidentally, I am super stoked to see), but she also took some time to promote her other new project - Home 4 the Holidays.

I've always been a big Hilary Swank fan, but after learning that she has partnered up with Iams to promote animal adoptions, she has moved right to the top of my list. In addition to being the proud mom of two rescue pups, Karoo and Rumi, she's helping to promote the rescue cause by lending her time and energy to make sure that this year's Home 4 the Holidays project reaches its goal of 1.5 million adoptions. At this point, they've adopted out a little over 140,000 animals.... which means we've got a long way to go!

So let's help her out... here are just a few ways you can help:
  • All my blogger buddies out there... take a few minutes to post about the importance of animal rescue, and promote Home 4 the Holidays' 2009 goal of 1.5 million adoptions. Call to action!

  • Make a donation - whether it's to this cause or any other shelter... and donations don't have to be monetary. Call your local shelter to see what they need. Many times they can use old dog beds, blankets, towels, food, etc. I know I've personally NEVER turned down a used crate, and there have been times at my house that every single crate I have is occupied.

  • Offer up your time! Many shelters need volunteers to help with everything from dog-walking to record keeping. Another really great way to volunteer is to provide transport for rescues. It's super easy to drive a couple of hours each way so that a few dogs or cats can make their way to a better life.

  • And finally... if you can find a little extra room in your heart and home (and as long as your other fur-children will cooperate)... please consider adoption. I love me some pound puppies (and kitties)!

And just because I'm so excited about the new Amelia movie, I'll leave you this afternoon with the trailer... it looks superb.

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