August 7, 2009

happy birthday

My dad circa 1985 with my brother and me...

Just wanted to wish my dad a very Happy Birthday today! He's this big, grumbly guy with a heart of gold... and although he rolls his eyes and gives me a speech about taking on too much responsibility every time I bring another dog home, he continues to love and support me and all my crazy rescue shenanigans. And he loves all my pups too (most of the time)! And truth be told, he loves animals just as much as I do. He's always had a very special way with dogs... they seem to think he's the best thing since sliced bread.

Dad, just a few months ago, with my sweet boy Sullivan. Sully LOVED my dad...

What do they say about grandparents spoiling their grandkids? I've tried to teach Quincy that climbing people isn't appropriate behavior, but Dad just always encourages him anyway.

So to the best dad in the world - HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Oh, and by the way, my dad is a twin... so Happy Birthday to my Aunt Jane as well!

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