July 10, 2009

house guest

The fuzzy bear you see above with my Mona Mae has been my house guest for the week (picture taken BEFORE they were buckled in and Bella whined the entire car ride). Her mom and two-legged brother have been on vacation, and Bella has been staying with me and my crew.

We've all had lots of fun together... and I'm pretty sure she's enjoyed her stay with friends (she's an only-dog at her house). My dogs have been quite... perplexed by her. My guys (and gals) are all fairly calm dogs - when it's time to settle, everyone relaxes... they find a dog bed, or they go grab a toy to chew on and things get quiet. Bella, on the other hand, is a busy bee. She's a border collie mix, and so I suppose the "ants in her pants" attitude is natural. She just can't sit still. And my dogs will stare at her, and then at me, with these looks like "WHAT is her problem? Did she have too much coffee this morning??"

Bella will leave to go back home shortly, and we'll all miss her!

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