July 7, 2009

frisbee time

I've been working with Penny and Quincy on catching a frisbee. They're the only two of my dogs that seem to have a natural interest in fetching and catching. Let me just preface my account of our frisbee practice by saying that they both LOVE trying to catch these things. But their enthusiasm doesn't necessarily translate into making them good frisbee catchers.

I honestly expected Quincy - a naturally athletic dog - to excel at this. He can jump SO HIGH. He easily clears my 4 foot fence, and I've seen him make it over a 6 foot fence when he's able to push off of something. But it turns out that his enthusiasm coupled with his jumping ability turns out to be the problem. He overshoots the frisbee every time. He jumps OVER the frisbee... And then... he can't figure out how to pick the frisbee up off the ground. Take a look at the videos below - the first is one of his hilarious attempts to catch the frisbee (FYI - this is nowhere near as high as he usually jumps), and the second one is his even more hilarious attempt to pick it up off the ground. Miss Penny Sue, on the other hand, has turned out to be quite a natural at this. You can see her snag the frisbee in the last video - until Quincy knocks it out of her mouth that is...

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Princess said...

In that second video he looks up at you like 'a little help here mom' haha! P does that sometimes, but she's usually pretty good a figuring it out.