February 10, 2009

sullivan... and his island

My labrador Sullivan was originally named after one of my favorite places in the world - Sullivan's Island, SC. And it just so happens that it's also become one of Sully's favorite places too. The island is one of the VERY few places on the coast where dogs are still allowed off-leash during certain times of the day, and during those times, the beach turns into one big dog park.

So when Sully stopped eating this week, and I knew we probably only had limited time left together, I knew I wanted to take him to his island one last time. And it just seemed that fate was on our side because my aunt and uncle's house was available, the weather was perfect and my schedule was clear.

Sully and I spent two beautiful days playing on the beach and chillin' in the sunshine. I'm just so grateful that we had that time together... he felt well enough to get out on the beach and enjoy himself. Above and below are some of the photos I took of him while there...


The Hicklins said...


I am so glad that Sully got to spend some time at Sullivans! I know you had a really good time together. I just hate he is not doing well! My brother just got a new puppy named Pawley (after Pawleys Island) and we are taking her to Sullivans this weekend! I hope you enjoy every minute of your remaining time with Sully!

Elizabeth Hicklin

The Hicklins said...

Oh you can see pics of the new puppy at lizandmclean.blogspot.com

Let's get together soon!