February 18, 2009

first Pet Partner visit

Mona Mae and I made our very first Pet Partner visit to an assisted living facility this past Saturday. Miss Mona did a fantastic job, and everyone loved her! The comment we kept getting over and over was - "Look how SHINY she is!" I've never really thought about it, but I guess she IS pretty shiny and glossy.

The photo above is Miss Mona Mae during the drive over the facility. She's so photogenic!


Amanda said...

She is super shiny, what do you feed?

Noner said...

Horray! Glad she was a super hit!

I've passed on an award to you. http://pawesomeblog.blogspot.com

pecanpiepuppies said...

I feed all my dogs Canidae Original dry dog food... I've found it's a relatively economical option but is still a great quality, higher-end food.