October 8, 2008

cookie moon dog wash

I discovered this super cool Cookie Moon Doggie Wash today via Mimi Green's blog. Their handmade products are created using 100% vegan, natural and organic ingredients. They use decyl polyglucose as the soaping agent, a very mild, gentle cleanser that is perfect for pups with sensitive skin. The packaging is recycleable (BONUS) and they try to reuse packing materials when shipping.

So that's enough about the healthy, good for your dog information... now moving on to what I must confess actually caught my eye - the FLAVORS (or smells... or varieties... whatever). You can choose from Mint & Chip Cookie, S'more Graham Cracker, Strawberry Shortbread, Sugar Sugar Cookie, and Lemon Drop Cookie. Yes, please... I would like my dog to smell like a sugar cookie.

You can find Cookie Moon products on their Etsy site, or find a much larger selection at Mimi Green online.

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