June 20, 2008

the prototype

So, some exciting news... I'm in the process of developing my first line of handmade dog collars. It's always scary when you're putting something out there for approval that you've created. But I'm hopeful that they will be well-received.

I've been making collars for a while for myself and friends, but this is my first attempt to actual start a business with them. The collar above is an example of what I'll be making in the coming weeks. Mona Mae loves to be my model. I'll try to get a photo of her in it very soon.


rooney said...

beautiful--is this on your order form?

Kelly said...

Hey - I don't know you, but I got this link from Facebook. Anyhow, I definitely want to order one of these collars once the business is up and running.

Also, any update on Penny?

Woofs-n-Wags said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence Kelly... Penny is still living with me but I would love to find a home for her. She's such a sweet girl!