April 29, 2008

Off to New Homes!

Amos, with his new parents Matt & Kati

So I'm feeling a little sad now that most of the puppies have gone off to their new homes, but I must admit I was rather gleeful last night as I finally took down the puppy pen that had occupied my bedroom for the last two months (I've been sleeping in my guest bedroom for 5 weeks now). I don't think I've ever been so happy to mop a floor :)

I'm lucky because three of the puppies - Tillman (now Major), Amos and Lulu - were adopted by some of my friends that live in state so I will continue to see them from time to time and watch them grow. Ruby is also now living with a great family only a couple minutes away from me so I hope I'll get to see her some as well. Petunia (now Gigi) is now living with a friend in D.C., so although I won't get to see her much, I'm sure I'll receive pictures and updates on a regular basis.

Hazel is still with me... she is scheduled to have surgery on her eyes to correct the entropion on Friday. Thanks so much to everyone who has contributed to her surgery fund. We're nearly there! Once she has a few days to recuperate, she'll be good to go. So if anyone out there knows of someone looking for a great little dog, please send them my way!

Below are some more photos of the puppies with their new owners...

Ruby with her new family

Tillman, aka Major, with his new dad

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