August 11, 2011

beat the heat with honest kitchen ice pups

Honest Kitchen Ice Pups are awesome. I recently ordered some for my crew, and they are now Ice Pups' biggest fans.

Honest Kitchen is an amazing company... I highly recommend their regular foods as well. But the Ice Pups are so great for summer. It's basically a tin filled with a healthy mix that you combine with warm water. And in an age where I can't pronounce half the ingredients in many foods I find, it's so nice to find simple and healthy products. Ice Pups have eight ingredients... Chicken, Turkey, Whey, Dandelion, Asparagus, Watercress, Honey, Parsley.

You just freeze the mix in an ice cube tray (I used this ice tray that makes little bone-shaped treats), and in no time you'll have icy treats that dogs LOVE. And another great feature is that you can serve this warm as well... so in the wintertime, you can offer it to your dogs as a toasty treat.

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