April 12, 2011

new kid...

So what was that I was saying about enjoying having only four dogs for a while? Yeah, y'all didn't buy that right?

How handsome is that kiddo above? His name is MacDougall (Mac for short) and he's been crashing at my pad for about a month now. And he's precious. And large. And fluffy. And I love him.

So here's his story... I got an email the last time I was up in Greenville, SC about a six year old Bernese Mountain Dog that was living chained outside and the family didn't want him anymore. My heart about broke in half because I've always had a major soft spot for Berners, and I knew that as a Berner, he wouldn't live much longer because six years old is pretty old for that breed.

So the rationalization in my head went... "I'll just let him live out his remaining time with me. He won't be around much longer, and I'll make him comfortable and happy for as long as I have him."

Well, I showed up to the meeting with the people who had him (who, incidentally, actually brought him there ON THE CHAIN and not on a leash), and lo and behold, he was most definitely NOT a Bernese Mountain Dog. But he definitely was sweet and gentle, and I was a goner.

So now I have a middle-aged giant fluffball (my best guess at his origins is perhaps a Great Pyrenees cross) living in my house. He gets along splendidly with all my kids, loves everyone he meets, and is a model tenant.

Unfortunately, he does have some health problems that are beyond his control. He was never given heartworm meds, and so he is heartworm positive. And he had some x-rays done last week that revealed severe hip and elbow dysplasia. So right now we're working on pain management with fish oil supplements, glucosamine/chondroiton supplements and Rimadyl. And he's feeling so much better! And - don't tell him this - but big boy will have his manhood taken away tomorrow (he was allowed to wander prior to being chained up so I shudder to think how many mini-Macs there are running around Greenville County).

So glad you guys have met my newest addition! I'll keep you posted and up-to-date on his progress!


Stina G said...

What a cutie! Look at those eyes! How could you not fall for him :)

Stella Louise said...

Hi sweatheart!

Barzkilla said...

Hi! We just wanted to let you know that we love your blog & Etsy page! In fact, we just shared your beautiful collars with our readers-- you can check it out here: http://www.pecanpiepuppies.blogspot.com/

Thank you for all of the fantastic rescue work you do!