March 17, 2011


We all watch with heavy hearts as the events in Japan unfold, and I know most of us want to do whatever we can to help in big and small ways. All proceeds of the sale of these dog bandanas go to World Vets - a group who works in emergency situations with teams of first responders in disaster areas to asses and begin treatment of the animals affected by the disaster. Their teams are already on the ground in Japan working tirelessly to help as many animals as possible. So if you and your pup would like to support the work they're doing in Japan, you can purchase a bandana here or contribute directly to World Vets here.


Two Pitties in the City said...

Those are a really great idea.
P.S. I left a message on your Etsy conversation site. I'm not sure whether it went through because it may have just replied to my own message. If not, please contact me at schwangbach at and I will resend. Thanks so much!

Brenda said...

Wonderful!!! Thank you so much for passing along the info about the World Vets group. I have never heard of them. I will pass both your bandanna link and the World Vet link on to all the animal lovers I know.