February 16, 2011

wisdom panel dna test

I have always wanted to try one of the DNA tests on my various mutts and mixed breeds. So a few weeks ago, I finally got around to it and ordered a test kit for Oliver - my slightly nutty but super sweet guy.

I chose to go with Wisdom Panel... and I've been very pleased with the entire process. They have the most breeds available out of all the DNA kits out there right now - over 185 to be exact. The kit had super simple instructions, arrived quickly and was easy to use. And once I sent it off, I received an email in just a few days to let me know they had received the samples. In less than three weeks, I received another email to let me know they had completed the processing, and Oliver's breed report was available online via PDF... yay!

Ollie is obviously a very unique and exotic looking dog, and for obvious reasons, I had always assumed he was mostly Dalmation (ahem, white with black spots? deaf with blue eyes? all classic Dalmation) with maybe a little terrier or something else thrown in to give him his giant ears. So you can imagine my surprise when I got this (click to enlarge):

Not a bit of Dalmation anywhere! And after I looked at the report, I was like "Duh... of course he's Husky and Australian Cattle Dog" but I had been so hung up on Dalmation his entire life that I'd never considered other possibilities. He's shaped exactly like a Cattle Dog, and has the blue eyes of a Husky.

This was SUCH a fun experience, so if you have a mixed breed pup and you want to know what you've got on your hands, I definitely recommend the Wisdom Panel test. You'll see your dog in a whole new way! One disclaimer... if you have a true Heinz 57... one who's grandparents and great-grandparents were also mutts, none of the DNA tests out there will be able to tell you very much unfortunately. Because there's so little purebred DNA to work with, it's hard for them to be certain about it. I'm about to test my Mona Mae, and I expect that I might have this problem with her, but I'll keep y'all posted on the outcome.

Wisdom Panel is having a special right now on their breed test, and you can purchase it online for only $69.99 plus I found a coupon code that should work for another $10 off! Just enter INSIGHTS10 during checkout (make sure you use ALL CAPS or it won't work).


Stella Louise said...

That is so cool. We have many mixies in our family and have often considered doing this. We might have too now...

Brenda said...

Wow - totally cool! Thanks for posting about this. I do recall hearing that such kits were available, but seeing the chart and reading how it worked when you used it gives me a much better idea.
(found you via Two Pitties in the City!)

Susan Campisi said...

How interesting! I might have to try that with my pit mix. I agree you have a great-looking pack! (I came here via Two Pitties in the City too.)

You're That Girl Designs said...

Oh, definitely think I'm going to have to try this. I have no clue what my baby is but I've always said Lab & Chow. I'd love to know what else.

Laura said...

All of my girls are mixed with pit bull. I always thought I'd do it just to see what the other half (or x% is) but then decided that they were all mixed with cupcakes and sweet potatoes. :) Anyway, I would have said dalmation too but no matter what that is ONE CUTE MUTT. Love your stuff! In the process of buying my girls all new collars! :)