September 3, 2010

these creatures

So when you have five dogs, you have dog bowls EVERYWHERE. I only have two dogs that can happily eat together side by side... the other three have to be fed in completely separate locations in order to keep the peace. But if I didn't have that problem, I would be all over these hanging feeders from these creatures.

Here's a dog doing his thing... I love the fact that it would keep a dog that likes to flip her bowl over from doing so (ahem, Matilda).

I'm particularly fond of the Pit Bull style... I swear, it looks like Quincy secretly went and modeled for it.

1 comment:

bbes tribe said...

Wow! Those are great feeders. Attractive & decorative. Off the floor. Easy to clean around & up easier for the pups to eat out of. Five dogs.... We have had up to 6 (including our 3) with foster pups. It is fun, & definitely keep one on their toes.
Ernie,Sasha,Chica's Mom