September 9, 2009

a camera shy puppy dog

I realized yesterday that it had been quite some time since I had posted about my sweet guy Henry. (Why, YES... he IS still available for adoption... thanks so much for asking!) I also realized that I didn't have any new pictures of him either. So I took him out in the backyard for a little photo session.

I knew I had a difficult task ahead of me... Henry is camera-shy (although definitely NOT shy in any other capacity). It never fails... every time I point a camera in his direction, he gets this "look" on his face and/or he'll turn his head. And I've tried reading up on the best way to photograph dogs... I don't pressure him... I follow him around at his pace so that he feels more comfortable... I don't try to pose him. But no matter what I do, he goes from happy-go-lucky Henry to abused, poor, pitiful Henry in 1.2 seconds as soon as the camera comes out.

Just a small sampling of the many terrible photographs I had to take of Henry to get even one useable shot...

So yesterday I took close to 100 photos of him and managed to get TWO decent, useable shots. And these photos still don't really do him justice. He's so much cuter than he looks here.

Henry (left) and Quincy (right)... such handsome boys!

This guy is housetrained, well-mannered, and is well-behaved enough to have free reign of the house when I'm at work. He loves EVERYONE (kids included), but I'd recommend he be an only dog or share his humans with an easy-going canine companion (he can be a little bossy sometimes, and although he gets along fine with all my other dogs, I think he'd be happiest where he can be the center of attention). He also has this incredibly endearing, soft "Ahh-rooo-rooo" he gives you when he really wants your attention.

Henry has lots of years left to share with someone special. Please share his story with everyone you know so that we can find him his forever home!

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