December 12, 2008

always TAG your dog

I was reminded just yesterday how important it is to have your dog properly "tagged." Oliver has learned how to push open my storm door and, for the past two days, has decided to go on unsupervised jaunts around my neighborhood. Luckily, I realized he was missing on both occasions almost immediately and managed to track him down in a matter of minutes. But in the event that any of my dogs are ever lost, all of them are microchipped AND they all sport ID tags on their collars.

So in the interest of promoting the importance of ID tags, I thought I'd feature a couple of shops on Etsy that sell creative, not-your-everyday tags to make things a little more interesting.

AfterParis hand-letters each custom tag and they are super-cute. All pet tags are made using shrinkable plastic and hand colored with ink. These tags are waterproof and scratch resistant.

Pure Panache is another Etsy shop that sells really cool, creative pet tags. Their tags are also made using shrinkable plastic but feature a more graphic look.

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