July 9, 2008

the first litter

With the recent Independence Day holiday, it got me thinking about my July 4th two years ago. That was the day that the fabulous Miss Mona Mae gave birth to her litter of puppies.

I had discovered her scrounging for food at the Burger King dumpster. A couple of days later, my vet told me she was pregnant. I had never had a litter of puppies before, but I had already fallen in love with the sweet little black dog that was to become my constant companion.

Her puppies were born starting at 1am on the Fourth of July. Six little ones made their debut that day, so I just wanted to take a minute and wish them happy birthday!

Chubby Winston at three weeks of age

Beatrice and Henry - puppy play is so cute!

Sweet Henry... he looked like a little cow!

Baby Truman was the runt of the litter

Five of the gang on the way to their new homes! (l to r: Henry, Beatrice, Mirabelle, Truman and Eleanor)

Eleanor (now named Tucker) - she looks like a stuffed animal!

Mirabelle scratching an itch...

Eleanor with her beautiful mom...

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